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Shop bell, brass

 Authentic shopping bell, brass
The shopping experience of your customers can be influenced by the smallest details. A classic brass shopping desk that makes noise upon entry gives a traditional and atmospheric signal to your visitors. In addition, as a shopkeeper, you will hear exactly when someone enters your shop, which also makes the call a practical utility. This relatively small shopping bell gives a great added value to your store.

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 Operation shopping bell
Our shop doorbell is made of a 8cm diameter bell, mounted on a resilient piece of iron. When attached to the inside of a door, the bell will ring when the door is opened, simple and easy to use so. Our store bells are also very discounted, you already have a shopping bubble!

You can also view our shopping turbans in our shop in Amsterdam at the Muntplein. Are you looking for a nice shopping desk for a nice price? Do not hesitate and order your authentic bell today.

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